Thursday, January 30, 2014

Might want to stock up on Visine, too

My favorite Onion headline(print version only, the newspaper didn't even have a website back in 1995. The final print version came out this last December.), "Area Bowl Cashed," popped into my head the other day. The internet articles of late are full of estimates on chicken wings, nachos, and even prostitution tied to the last game of the American football season. I wonder why no one is wondering how much weed will be smoked during XLVIII. Both teams hail from states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. Will the jet stream carry second-hand smoke from the Tacoma Narrows over the Rockies down to I-70 gather some hot knives steam to go across the Great Plains in the first ever Stoner Vortex? Now that's what I call a Super Bowl. I also wonder where the Roman numerals would be without the NFL.

In other news, the last of the X-mas cards made it to Botswana. A couple came via the post but most came through what the late Senator Ted Stevens called a series of pipes and tubes(and somehow got mad shit for it even though it was a great way to explain what Al Gore never said he invented but, "Took the initiative to provide the funding for." But that's too big a sound-bite for the average pigskin loving American to remember. Whoopsy, tangent alert.) from my friend, Mik THE SHIT.

Mik takes pics of the cards and emails them to me. Every year I get cards that have photos of all the kiddies and often the family dog. What would be great is at least the names of the head(s) of the household. Holiday cards are a great way to stay in touch and I certainly appreciate the extra effort required to keep someone with itchy feet such as myself in the loop. I started my wanderings before you parents were parents so I don't know who Becky, Billie Jean(the one I love), or Bobby belong to.

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