Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hot for Teacher

Clouds filled the sky yesterday afternoon. I found it a bit odd since I haven't seen a cloud in three months. I asked my porter, Tsogo about it. I told him that where I'm from those clouds are called, 'Mare's tails' (alto cirrus for the geeks) and often indicate that it will rain within the next 24 hours. Tsogo started laughing and laughing and laughing, "But it's not the rainy season." Okay, well do those clouds mean anything to you? Like is a cold front moving in or..."They mean a lioness just had her cubs." Oh, right, that makes sense.

I took the Zambian Minister of Tourism, his wife, and two friends for a flight the other day. After the flight they asked me to join them for dinner. The friends have lived in Zambia for going on twenty years but still have lots to learn. Karen has long wondered why her gardeners jump whenever they see a frog. She'd asked them countless times but never got more than a giggle and usually just got a shake of the head. Fast forward to three years ago when she and her husband provided the funding for an AIDS awareness campaign. That helped break some of the taboos of talking about sex and one of her gardeners mentioned the frogs. Turns out that if you touch a frog, you have to sleep with your sister. Karen thought maybe her grasp of the language was lacking so she found an educated man, a minister that travels to the villages and gives guidance on various subjects. When she asked him if it were true, he got angry. "See this is the kind of thing I deal with on a daily basis, lack of education with the local people is appalling. It isn't the frogs, frogs are fine. It's the lizards."

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