Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trip's over sunshine, back to work

I'm back in the bush. I dreamt of lions and woke to a buffalo rubbing up against my tent at 0300. I poked my head out the door and realized in the moonlight that it was an old dugga bull with a broken horn. No moving him, likely an ornery cuss so back to bed.

Mombo may be the best overall camp in the Delta. Five stars, entusiastic staff, and ridiculous game viewing. Not just on the drives or from the heli, but right in camp. The complex sprawls along the northwestern edge of Chief's Island with an expanse of floodplain where the sun sets.

Raised boardwalks connect the tents to various lodge facilities and allow game to pass underneath(except the elephants, at various points the boardwalk goes down to about a foot above the ground. These points are referred to as 'Valley of Death,' and 'Valley of Death-North,' because even in the daytime you need to check both ways before crossing)

We went on a short game drive yesterday afternoon. On the return, we went past the helicopter to throw thornbush around it to keep the hyenas from chewing on things. While there we noticed that the Caravan pilot overnighting had surrounded the rear tires with thornbush but had forgotten the front tire. We finished his job to build up some karma points. Should be able to kick a cat for free now. Only problem is that the cats here can kick back.

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