Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meat on a stick

A handful of years ago, some friends and I over-nighted in Bangkok on our way to India. We found a sweet lurker deck above Soi Cowboy to imbibe while people watching. We all chuckled at the middle-aged men holding hands with young Thai girls(and a fair number of young Thai boys.) So I'm sitting in a bar in Bangkok yesterday. I look around and see middle-aged men and young Thai girls. No boys cuz they kick them out of the establishment, just like the sign says. But are they rubbing each one, looking for the Adam's apple as they walk through the door? Unlikely.

Anyway, I don't think I'm over the hill but...I must be near the top because the view from here is outstanding. I decide I've had about enough of the old man, young girl scene. Not because I'm prudish or anti-anything. But because I'm afraid loneliness might be contagious. So I decide to get out of the beer joint.

Ahhh...the martini. It's the quintessential cocktail, served in a distinctive glass. Some debate surrounds it. Ian Fleming's character says shake it while Kingsley Amis says stir. I like to shake it just cuz it's more fun. No one can agree on who said that they are like breasts, one isn't enough and three is too many, but whoever said was right.

I walked into a 'check out that fucking hipster' joint in San Francisco once. The place had twenty televisions(actually it's safe to guess that there was one in the ladies' room, too, so maybe twenty-one) all playing Charlie Chaplin movies. Speaking of black and white, I was the only one shaded in something from the middle of the rainbow. That place screamed martini. It came with the requisite two olives. Sinatra said one was for you and one was for the next beautiful woman to walk in.

The Nest is a roof-top bar in downtown Bangkok and definitely a hipster joint. You walk over a poi pond through a bamboo forest into a lounge back-lit with red recessed bulbs. An attractive woman wearing headphones with speakers bigger than Princess Leia's hair spins records. The five by ten meter movie screen behind her is mounted askew. The movie is some futuristic anime full of characters created by a coupling of Thor and Lucy Lu.

And the martini? Two olives on a bamboo skewer. The stem of the glass broken off so that it could be nested inside a globe filled with ice. Like drinking a cool cloud. Two was perfect.

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