Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Better segues needed

I've received several emails from confused followers. Not like the folks that donned the white Nikes, put a roll of quarters in their pocket(for making alien phone calls, toll booths, the jukebox where they stop to quench their interplanetary thirst?), and drank the Kool-Aid. But apparently I never overtly mentioned that I am currently on leave(it's always slow in Botswana this time of year so we take leave and charge our mental batteries for the coming busy season). The last post's title was a pretty good clue, though. Hopefully at least some of you "got" the reference to "Holiday in Cambodia." Thailand, Cambodia, and soon Hong Kong. Might as well get some city time, it's gonna be a while.

So I apologize, my brain merrily marches on serious tangents and sometimes I forget that not everyone can follow along. But as long as I'm back already, here's some stuff I meant to share yesterday. Though Cambodia is much more popular than even five years ago, one can still shoestring it with hostels and street vendors for about 7 bucks a day. Wanna live large? Forty bones oughta do it. Corruption abounds, from cops taking payoffs to teachers leaving early unless students throw some cash. They use American dollars and Cambodia Reil with all prices in dollars. People smile easily. Children wave. Motorbikes often carry four humans, several 100kg bags of rice, or about a hundred chickens slung by their feet to a bamboo pole.

My guide/tuk tuk driver asked me what I did for money. He didn't know the word helicopter, so I did my best Huey sound effects and moved my hand about. "Ahhh, you drive akamthomroy." Akamthomroy? What's that mean? "Flying dragon. All Cambodians call them that." Because we sent flying spitters of fire to stop the march of Communism and the lines on the maps got awfully blurred. Really? What do they call airplanes? "Airplanes just airplanes."

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