Thursday, January 24, 2013


The white man sees a black man(perfectly acceptable in this part of the world. You can't ask if the guy is an African-African can you? The American race movement should've stopped with changing from Negro to Black to avoid the word nigger. It's just color like blond or brunette. Afro-Americans aren't any more African than I am Irish. In fact, I'm more Irish than they are African cuz my family has only been in America since after the Civil War. I could get into the history of slavery and how the whites only got into the business at the very end. But that discussion should be explored with commercial hunting.)

So, anyway, the White man walking along the river comes upon a Black man lounging in the shade of a mophane tree. The Black man has a stringer with five fish on it laying in the grass by his feet. The White man says, "Did you catch all of these this morning? You must be a good fisherman."

The Black man smiles, "Yep, I catch all I need to feed my family in an hour or two every morning."

The White man says, "Why not fish a few more hours and catch ten fish? Then you could trade those extra fish for a net. If you cast the net across the river, you'd catch enough fish to hire a man to help you. Why in no time at all, you'd be able to rest in the shade of a tree by the river and enjoy your days."

The Black man looks at the White man and says, "That's what I'm doing now."

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