Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All it means is a hair dryer in every room

I hope by now you've drunk too much, skipped your workout, had an extra piece of pie, or done whatever else is the opposite of that silly resolution you made. All those things are good for is boosting the sales of the Thigh Master so Chrissy from "Three's Company" can get another boob job (Sidenote- John Ritter and Johnny Cash both died on September 12, 2003. Possible lesson; speed is better for you than coke. Remember, POSSIBLE lesson.) or lowering your self-esteem.

I started 2013 by seeing one of the rarest owls on the planet. We had a couple of bird nerds in camp from South Africa. They were standing on the path between me and my cup of coffee, super excited. I'm beginning to appreciate birds more than I have in the past. In part because we get lots of birders this time of year and it's more fun to say 'that's a Waddled Crane, they lay two eggs but as soon as one hatches they leave the other one behind, that's why you'll never see four of them,' than 'I don't know,' and in part because after you learn that why giraffes have urine the consistency of honey, how much more about them do you need to know? Check out the wiki entry for Pel's fishing owl. They couldn't even post a pic of it, had to draw the damn thing.

Anywho, I hit the coffee station and grabbed a piece of toast that I took 'back of house' to enjoy away from the guests. So I'm mid-bite when one of the relief managers (camp managers work 3 months on, one month off. While the managers are gone, the relief managers do their best to fuck everything up, from changing who bakes the bread each day to figuring out "better systems" to keep track of which guest resides in which cottage. In the beginning, I got very frustrated with the incompetence but I've graduated to the seventh level- amusement only.) says, "Happy New Year, Shane." "Happy New Year to you, how's twenty-thirteen treating you so far?" "I have a big boil on my ass, well not my ass exactly but where my leg meets my ass." Well, that's what I get for asking.

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cynicalbuddha said...

Has it really been almost a decade since we lost the Man in Black and Jack Tripper. Man this life is flying by. Happy New Year Shane.