Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mr. White Christmas

I skipped the Solstice letter this year. It's a bit of an ordeal for me to mail things from cottage number five. Kudos to the folks that sent cards my way, favorite relative titles remain in place. Average time en route, 19 days.

X-mas is a big deal here. David Livingstone killed elephants and brought the word of his savior, Hey-zeus, to the people of Botswana years ago. More than 60% of the natives are Christians. Some wear little stars on their shirts to show allegiance to certain sects, many of which abhor alcohol. Bored and don't speak much of the local language? Engage them in a discourse on why the guy with the extra-waterproof sandals would bother changing water into wine if he hated it so?

Most of the employees are here haven't been out of Botswana and even the managers at this camp never ventured out of Southern Africa. So I think I was the only non-paying person at X-mas dinner cringing while the manager read a passage from the second half of the Bible to the family of famous New York Jews as a way to welcome them to the holiday celebration that they paid thousands of dollars to get away from.

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