Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mottled yellow is the new black

Most of my scabs have stopped oozing. The bruises continue to change color nicely. I can do my magneto check during the start-up phase without gritting my teeth. I still wake up if I roll over in my sleep because the cracked rib is nowhere near happy. I've been asked what happened to the driver. He was cited with a DWA (driving while Asian) and had to buy a moped, some gauze, and a tube of triple antibiotic ointment.

Two days ago we were flying in what they call the south practice area and I was orbiting, checking out a place to land, when I spotted traffic. After a closer look, it was apparent that not only was the Huey coming straight at us but that he had a long-line dangling below. Rather than find out what happens when one of those gets caught in your rotor, we entered an auto to quickly lose altitude.

I put some long ago gained knowledge to work the other day. I decided that the mice needed to move out of the dungeon or perish. I put some peanut butter on a cup that I threaded onto a bucket handle and filled the bucket with water. If the mice were talented enough to jump to the cup and get some peanut butter without making the cup spin so they lost their balance and fell into the water, they could have all the spreadable goodness they wanted. Two splashes so far but there are still mouse droppings so the trap remains set.

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