Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas of color

I've only been two places for Christmas- Wisconsin and Alaska. While it doesn't snow those places every year, there is or has been snow on the ground/around by the Holidaze. My favorite X-mas weather memories come from one year in Girdwood. It was minus six on Christmas Eve. Then we got five and a half inches of rain on X-mas day. The trooper slid sideways while sitting still, Dan slung us a bunch of drinks at the Puddle Cafe, and Kelly made an impromptu dinner after their plan to head to Cooper Landing was foiled cuz the road was flooded just south of Portage.

It's unlikely that we will have snow here for X-mas but Mauna Kea (the taller of the two active volcanoes on the Big Island at just over 13,000 ft.) has already been blanketed down to about ten thousand feet or so. It only lasted a day and a half, but was an interesting juxtaposition, palm trees and ocean over here, snow-covered mountain over there.

The tarmac in front of flight school adds more private jets full of haves here for the Holidaze every day. There are already so many that they've begun angle parking. Two bummers, I left my binos in Girdwood so no chance to see if it's J-lo or the guy that invented Kotex getting out of the plane, and they park right where we do hovering drills, quick-stops, and the like.

My Christmas plans? Fly a helicopter, ride my bike (Tim showed me a super-challenging "road" the other day pretty close to the airport), join some other misfits for a BBQ (sauce included) on the beach.

Alaskapowder and both of the other folks that read this blog will notice that there are a few pics. None from in the heli, sorry. I've only flown with the doors off and it's against the rules to have loose items in the cockpit. Yeah I follow the rules now. Weird, huh?

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