Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What would the hippies think?

The first "Adult friends," I made in AK were in Waikaloa for a conference last week. I rode my bike up to hang at the beach with them and their little guy. Tracy goes to this conference every year. The location varies and as luck would have it, she had to leave Alaska in the first weeks of November to work in Hawaii. The conference was held at the Waikaloa Hilton. What a perfect place for a bunch of idealists facing a serious uphill battle to discuss how to fix things. Here's an example of the agenda: Wake up, shower, drop your towel on the floor(don't worry an underpaid, over-worked native will get you a new one), hop on the monorail, listen to a presentation on these cute little frogs from Cost Rica that are taking over, go outside for some fresh air, watch the caged dolphins play (or are they trying to escape?), afternoon presentation on the pigs and what their snouts are doing for erosion and runoff, float your boat home in the canal, mix a rum and coke, and watch the sun set over the golf course. Funny shit.

Here's a little more funny shit. My mom used to pick on her sister for being a leftie. Her sister, my aunt Barb, cursed my mother with a cackle and a "All your children will be left-handed," and we are. Three for three. Barb made up for it by giving my mom a kidney a couple of years ago, so they're even.

Dad made us learn how to use tools right-handed because it's safer. All the other folks are using their right hands and will expect you to as well. Plus all the guards are designed for use as a right-hander. Remember the chainsaw, Weston? So along with learning induced flow and the location of the low rotor RPM sensor, I have been learning to write, 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,' (every letter of the alphabet is in there, go ahead, double-check) over and over with my right hand cuz you can't let go of the collective on the ground, but you gots to write some stuff down. Pretty funny cuz Mrs. Utke always gave me a hard time about my hand-writing, (grow up in a small town and you can hate a teacher two years in a row) she'd shit a bird if she saw how it looks with the other hand.

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