Friday, June 5, 2009

Springtime in Alaska

Fourth time's a charm! This time my retirement from landscaping seems to be sticking. No more rolling over at night and waking Brooke up with my whimpers of pain.

I took a job with Alaska Wildland Adventures for the summer. Brooke works for them year-round, winters in G-wood, summers in Cooper Landing. So far it's been pretty great. I've spent more time with Brooke this summer than all of last summer combined.

I'm working with the fishing department. As a lover of irony I thought that would be the best place for someone with a seafood allergy.

Oh yeah, I pulled a hamstring while playing softball. Another example of becoming those people you laughed at a decade ago. Hopefully I won't be found in a closet with a rope around my neck and my genitals in ten years like former Kungfu star David Carradine was yesterday.


jimboboparino said...

shane. i like to recycle, is that uncool now too. shit. i'ma start tossin my burgerking wrappers out the window like the old days. i tried to get the flame-broiled whopper cologne, but it was goin for $140 oz. on the open market. and wouldn't it attract men, and pimply men at that

Heather Thamm said...

I hear you on the landscaping pains, its nice to not be shoveling and moving rocks all day. Have fun down there. I hope to visit soon.

Unknown said...

Heard your going to India, I will be following the blog, be sure to write.

Aunt Patty said...

Shane, after trying for almost an hour to sign in, set up a google account, post on your site etc. I think I finally have it.

What I want to say is your folks will be fine - they support you in whatever you do. this trip is the best medicine.

Love - Aunt Patty