Monday, October 6, 2008

The Run to Manali- Stage Two

We woke up just south of Kullu. The map said 54 km to Manali, so a leisurely start was the name of the game. It started pouring about 9 a.m. The northbound lane had six inches of running water. The brief burst turned into a steady rain, so we loaded up.

Rain and wet roads didn't make the riding any more relaxing. The road isn't as busy but is of lower quality so the going is the same, except with splashing.

I guess except the only noteworthy thing besides the novelty of riding in the rain is that Bill's bike caught on fire. We all made it to Manali but Bill's wire harness is a melted pile of spaghetti goo. And he has another story about loading an Enfield in a truck.

The bike is at a shop right now and may be done this evening. If so, the mad dash to Leh begins tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear all is well, I was just commenting it has been several days since a new notice was posted and there it was!! Sorry its rainy, the weather map I have on my desktop shows sun and hot, guess I need to move to a more northern exposure for accurate info. My best to you all stay in touch, have fun.
Love and peace,

Kyle and Stacy Kelley said...

Hey Guys,

A classic adventure in India. Sounds like a great time. It is snowing here in Girdwood, already 2 inches of very wet stuff on the ground. Their calling for more all this week, it's has started. Going to put the studs on. Later and thanks for the blog Shane. Kyle Kelley