Monday, October 20, 2008

Brokebrake Mountain

The shortcut to Kullu turned into a longcut. The road turned into a pair of ruts as soon as it began to climb. Josh got a brake pedal caught on the side of one ruts and ripped it off. Kagen ran ahead to catch Anthony so we could turn around.

We chatted about the road with some locals. We pointed ahead and said, "Kullu?" They gave us the sideways head nod so Phil asked again. One of them showed his fingers doing the walking. Phil returned with invisible handlebars and asked, "motorcycle?" The local rolled his hands rapidly over each other. We got it and planned to turn around as soon as Kagen and Anthony returned.

Anthony had his own adventure up ahead. He broke his brake pedal in a rut. He sat stuck in the rut wondering what to do when a local on a Yamaha 100 came over the hill in Anthony's rut. Anthony couldn't move and the local couldn't turn or stop so Anthony braced for the collision.

The smaller bike broke Anthony's headlight but glanced off and jumped out of the rut and over the side of the road. Luckily, some trees caught the local and his bike so he only tumbled a few feet.

Anthony dropped his bike and went to see if the non-helmetted flip-flop wearing rider was alive. The local smiled up at him. Anthony helped him get his bike back on the road. The local helped Anthony get his bike up and turned around then they parted ways.

We had to find two different welders to get the brakes fixed. The repairs took three hours so we spent the afternoon watching a family move a pile of sand down river and festival goers from all over the valley walking to the beat of their drums.

I can't quite figure out the sand moving. The pile was one of many dumped over the edge along a retaining wall. What the piles do as far as reenforcement is a mystery.

India has 82 nationally recognized festivals so it's common to see a group of men decked out in regalia carrying altars of some sort. Even festival walkers are horn crazy here. Two men run ahead and blow these four foot Dr. Seuss tubas at each intersection.

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