Friday, August 1, 2008

Stones or Beatles?

Brooke and I watched "Across the Universe" last  night. Yep, it's a musical and at times it is sickly sweet. But if you're even half a Beatles fan, you'll be happy you spent a couple of hours watching this flick.

A boy by the name of Jude leaves Liverpool to find his father on the other side of the pond. He meets a Princeton student and they become fast friends. The friend has a beautiful sister...But it isn't the plot(which is somewhere between as thin as a porno and thick as a Jim Jarmish film) that makes this movie.

A big part of what makes this movie great is hearing someone else sing John, Paul, and George's words, sorry Ringo. I found myself really listening to the lyrics rather than singing along or letting the music fade to the background the way known, comfortable things do.

The movie begins in the mid-60's and carries through to the mid-70's. The music sets the pace, from burning draft cards to the Kent state shootings. Lyrics come alive without music, too, but may be lost on casual fans, and that's o.k. It's what they do with things like "She's so heavy" that make this musical brilliant.

Yep, there is a psychedelic scene but mostly it's just a fun yet critical look at things that were happening around the world while the boys from Liverpool were letting their bad haircuts grow out. Sadly, it's also a commentary on what is happening today and maybe a dig at what isn't happening today, but should be.

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