Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thicker accents, better food

Had a look at Hadrian's Wall. The Romans built it between 122 and 128 a.d. with a combination of turf and stone and big stretches of it survive today. These Brits really need to get it together, don't they see the potential of Hadrian subdivisions, shopping malls, action figures and dessert toppings? It was three meters high and more than four meters high across the narrowest part of the island(73 miles.) They had a small fort every mile and two observation posts in between forts.

The Scots tell the story that the Romans sent troops up and they were never heard from again so the Romans built the wall. There appears to be a bit of myth in that version. What seems closer to the truth(though more boring) is that because they were able to control the flow of traffic, the Romans were able to collect taxes. Either way it looks like a big waste of public funds to me.

On to Scotland complete with man in a kilt blowing bagpipes at the border. The riding is better. There are less people, more hills, more flowers, more bugs, and more sheep. All the sheep are in need of a haircut. The price of wool is only 30p(60 cents) a sheep so most farmers won't bother to shear this year.

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Glenda said...

But think of all the yarn you could get from one sheep!