Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last of the racing

The weather broke on the 29th. Beautiful sunshine and five more ferries full of bikes have created palpable excitement. The mountain road is just zoom, zoom, zoom. We had a lot of fun watching the public zip around. Locals set up on most of the corners to watch the action all day long. The police hung out on every corner through the town bits to keep people honest.

The course road was too crowded for our liking so we set about trying to line up accomadations for next year. Everywhere we went said, "Thanks, but no thanks." The TT is so popular that they only accept reservations if you're willing to book the whole two weeks. We'll find a place but no luck yet.

After a nap, we bought picnic supplies and headed up to the top part of the course for the night's action. Phil and I hiked up to the highest bit of land on the island and found a spot where we could see about 3 miles worth of road.

The bikes hit over 200 mph on that stretch. There are a few curves but it's mostly straight and ideal for passing. They use the draft and slingshot method. Even though the bikes are started every 10 seconds, they were stacked up nicely for our viewing pleasure.

Watching the sidecars pass was good as well, but we were too far away to see the monkeys so we moved down the hill to one of the corners. They didn't disappoint. Willie was wrong, cowboys are fine, don't let your kids grow up to be sidecar monkeys.

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