Sunday, May 25, 2008

Making miles

We're headed for Gigglewick today. But we may have to settle on Settle. Lots of wind today to go along with the twists and turns. The roads are so turny that the wind is pushing you one moment and gone the next and back and wham and everything's fine and shit it's shoving you across the centerline(which is white here) and...ah you get the idea.

We skirted the Nottingham area where Scott came close to bashing a woman that was washing her car on the road just over the crest of a hill around a blind corner. Then it was on to Sherwood forest.There aren't enough trees to hide Friar Tuck's fat ass these days. The forest is now a two or three acre patch of trees, miles of hog farm, and a dirt track where four-wheelers, bikes, and dunebuggys lap like madmen.

We've entered northern England and lots less people. The riding is out of hand. We wanted to stop and shoot all the time but there simply isn't anywhere to safely get off the road to take video and we haven't yet the time to double back.

We stopped for lunch at a place in the middle of some serious sheep country. After a bowl of bland curry, I decided to put my stunt kite in the air. A rottwieler attacked the fence I climbed over. He was some kind of pissed off but I couldn't be bothered. I had flying on my mind.

The site was a tiny paddock with barely enough area to fly. There were fences and playground equipment to tangle with but I was Jonesing to fly so safety be damned. I let out the lines and the kite promptly flipped over. Scott offered to right the kite, but I declined because I was concerned about cutting him if the kite got up and away from me.

I was able to right it on my own and then holy crow, it was off to the races. The kite was zipping to and fro and it was all I could do to keep it from smacking into something or someone. The someone was a little boy who's father thought it might be a good idea to take him really close to the fence even though I was being pulled around. Think about the wind that would pull a 180 lbs around with a kite that only has a fifty inch wingspan.

I tried to land the kite so I wouldn't break it or slice off that little tyke's nose. Then I tried to crash it. Then I let go of one line to flag it out. It twisted about a gazillion times before it hit the ground. Should be fun to untangle it.

We hit the road again and again I was amazed at something I saw on the road. These people have cameras everywhere. Chainsaws are illegal. But apparently it's just fine for a horse-drawn carriage to go down the motorway( our equivalant would be the interstate.)
Gigglewick was full. So we headed to Settle. Scott and I stretched our legs while Phil went in to see if there were any rooms available. A gust of wind knocked my bike down and gave it a few modifications. Bye-bye security deposit.

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