Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Killer Crest

Phil and I woke up and talked about the clouds."Do you think these are rain clouds?" "Dunno,
maybe. Probably won't start for a couple of hours if they are." "Oh, I bet you're right. Hey why do you think all the sheep are running away?"

It started to sprinkle about three minutes later. About three minutes and 17 seconds later the sky opened up and the island smelled of wet wool.

Rather than writing about our ride in the rain, how 'bout a little 'bout the Isle of Man? Their flag is three legs connected in a circle. The legs are wearing spurs and armor. Their motto is 'Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand' The legs are on the shield along with a falcon and a crow, two birds of obvious talents.

The Isle is technically a free state, not subject to British or EU rule. It is a bit of a tax haven with a maximum rate of 18% for individuals and none for corporations. They are serious about good business practices and all the pubs have posted signs that say if you think you haven't been poured a full pint, you have the right to have it filled to the top at time of service.

Oh right, no speed limit so this is where people come to "have a go at it."

Everyone rides bikes, races bikes, loves bikes. You know how kids pump their arms to get 18-wheelers to honk the airhorn? Well here kids give you the thumbs up sign and knda pump it a bit to get you to pop a wheelie.

We were watching the races outside a pub in Sulby tonight. You could hear them coming for three or four seconds before they came into sight and a guy said, "This must be a superbike." And this woman somewhere the other side of sixty says, "No, that's a sidecar." So it was. Turns out her sons are both in the sidecar races. One's a driver and the other is a monkey(remember how I thought there must be a better word for them then passenger? They call them monkeys and it fits well cuz they have to swing, hang and crawl all about and I've always thought of monkeys as crazy but in a good way) but, "Not on the same team, you understand. They're brothers."

Our cabbie raced trial bikes. Everyone is bike crazy. They say it's something in the water
but I think they take all the pregnant women round the isle at mach 3 so the baby is already
used to it in utero.

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