Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm not even close to crazy

Whoa diggity, these folks are nutters. We dumped our bikes back at the farmhouse and caught a cab into Ramsey. The cabbie suggested the same two corners of the course we'd been told about by the man with the unusual fear of gulls that we'd met on the ferry.

We got some beers and set up where we could see a straight that led to a sort of zig zag jog to the right or more like a right turn followed by an ess turn to the right. The riders are spaced out ten seconds apart at the start but bunch up by the time they get to where we were so that there's a rider or two going by every five seconds or so. I guess the leader has the toughest time and the trick is to just catch someone and tail them, you know dip when they dip, turn when they turn, etc.

Those boys come screaming down that short straight doing 100+, slam the back brake so it squirrels a little and goose it as they lean and get rocketed around the hard right. Then they crank on the throttle through the ess turn. You can see the rear tire bouncing and sliding because it is dealing with so much torque.

They get three laps, so we watched the first and hustled up to the second suggested viewing spot. It's called the crookshank, which I think is the curved part of a shepard's staff or a cane. That's exactly what it looked like. They come down that straight, which is just a little more than a quarter mile going 140 or so. Your heart jumps when they take that corner. I mean they hit the brakes a little but they're still going so fast that it doesn't seem possible to make the corner. Then you notice things like some of them are looking over their shoulder to see how close the other guy is while they are turning the corner. Just imagine taking your eyes off the road in that situation, nevermind the g-forces pulling on your neck.

After the superbikes(don't let the name fool you, one can buy these bikes over the counter at a store near you) were done, the sidecars had a go.

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